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Bushcraft and survival

Welcome to Footsteps of Discovery

At Footsteps of Discovery, we offer everyone the opportunity to experience bushcraft and survival. Our comprehensive range of bushcraft courses means we can cater for complete beginners to advanced bushcraft survivalists.

We provide education and training to families, schools, businesses and everything in-between. With friendly ex-military instructors, our own purpose-built site and 10 acres of woodland as our classroom, we can tailor your event to your needs and ability level, ensuring you receive a memorable, knowledgeable and enjoyable experience.

What we offer:

  • Bushcraft survival
  • Family courses
  • Team building/corporate events
  • Charity challenges
  • Stag and hen dos
  • School and college days and weekends
  • Courses for Regular or Reserve Forces
  • Pre-expedition training
  • Birthday parties
  • Taster days

We’ll even travel across the country, if your organisation is big enough, saving you the travel and bringing the bushcraft to you.

Contact us now to discuss your survival and bushcraft experience.

What is survival and bushcraft?

Survival and bushcraft is all about wilderness survival skills. It’s a combination of skills and knowledge that will let you thrive and live in the bush. It’s also about having the ability to survive in all environments.

Survival: you want out and a quick rescue is the best rescue.

In bushcraft, you want to go in and learn the skills from the indigenous population of different country’s so that in a survival situation, should your rescue not be quick, you are better equipped mentally and practically to deal with it.

What can I learn?

Depending on your skill level you will learn a variety of skills and techniques. There are seven major areas of survival and bushcraft:

Firecraft – You will learn how to build a fire, from collecting wood to crafting and using a bow drill.

Shelter building – From knot tying to identifying what materials to use to build a successful shelter.

Food foraging – What foods to eat, how to cook them and what to avoid.

Trapping and hunting – How to track animals, use snares and prepare for cooking.

Water gathering – Foraging for water and how to purify it for drinking.


Primitive tools and weapons

Safe and supported environment

Your survival and bushcraft experience will take part in our very own woodland site (unless we’re traveling to you). The 10 acre site is well-equipped with a range of facilities:

  • Survival shelters
  • Tented accommodation
  • Parachute classrooms
  • Primitive tools range
  • Outdoor cooking facilities
  • Main shelter with kitchen and dining facilities
  • Toilets and solar showers

You will also be guided and supported by our expert staff, highly experienced ex-military personnel who all hold food hygiene certificates, are first aid trained and have ECRB’s / DBS.

Green space therapy

We’re lucky enough to invite you to our very own woodland site, away from the everyday hustle and bustle and an ideal place to get some fresh air and refuge from noise.

There are various benefits to outdoor recreation and green space therapy including:

  • Increased quality of life
  • Heightened social interaction
  • Improvements to physical health
  • Improvements to mental well-being
  • Improved motivation