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Stag & Hen Nights

f you’re looking for a stag or hen do in Newquay then our bushcraft weekends could be the perfect weekend. Our bushcraft and survival stag and hen dos offer a unique experience that will allow you to have an affordable, memorable and great alternative to the typical European city weekend.

Our stag and hen dos send you back to basics for a primal weekend of learning true survival skills from experienced instructors that will ensure you have a weekend to remember and the groom or bride get back in one piece.

Some of the activities you will take part in include:

  • Axe throwing

  • Firelighting

  • Traps and trapping

  • Navigation

  • Shelter and camp crafting


Stag night – Hen night – What to expect?

  • On the Saturday or day booked for the Survival & Bushcraft event, the arrival time is normally around 1000hrs at Footsteps of Discovery – The Duchy Of Cornwall, Nantillio Wood, Mitchell, Nr Truro, TR8 5BG

  • After meet & greet and the (Health & Safety briefing) plus site familiarisation, the group is split into two teams: groom vs best man or bride vs bridesmaid.

  • The format of the day then takes on a competition basis. Starting with the famous introduction box to give us an indication of the group’s base knowledge, then different survival and bushcraft skills are taught by the instructors and then practised by the two groups.

  • After lunch the activities continue into the evening until the main meal

  • It’s then time to relax around the fire with a drink or two – alcohol required is brought in by personnel attending the event.

  • After a night in the woods with the accommodation being a survival shelter (parachute and tarpaulin, or private tent which you may bring along).

  • Next morning it’s up for a good breakfast (cooked on an open fire), more survival and bushcraft activities finishing with photographs and prize giving where appropriate, with your departure time from Nantilio Woods being around 1200hrs.

What to Bring

All personnel attending require is a sleeping bag and roll mat, and their individual washing kit, everything else including training equipment is provided by Footsteps of Discovery, old clothing, including wet & cold weather gear is advisory including some gardening gloves (soft hands).


There are three main types of booking, depending on the evening meal, and programme requirements as follows;

Gold – deer event
A spatchcock deer spit roasted on an Argentinian angle spit, with salad & potatoes, garlic bread, plus sweet.
Cost £70 plus VAT (Total per person £90). Complete event including breakfast.

Silver – hangi event
Legs of lamb and pork loin shoulders including potatoes, cooked underground with hot stones, with salad & potatoes, garlic bread, plus sweet. Cost £60 plus VAT (Total per person £72). Complete event including breakfast.

Bronze – open fire (iron pans)
Rib eye steaks, cooked to order with salad & potatoes, garlic bread, plus sweet. Cost £50 plus VAT
(Total per person £60). Complete event including breakfast.

Please Note: refreshments in the form of tea, coffee, orange juice and biscuits will be available throughout all the events.

Once a date has been booked and confirmed in the diary, a 25% deposit of the total cost is required to confirm that booking, with the outstanding amount being settled on arrival. Please note if the initial booking is for 14 personnel, the total price stands, Example if on the day only 12 personnel turn up, the cost is still as per the initial booking for 14.

Survival and bushcraft subjects covered depending on the time and programme:

  • Fire lighting basic

  • Fire lighting advanced

  • Use of the bush knife (safe cutting)

  • Small game preparation (rabbits)

  • Water

  • Shelter and camp craft

  • Location: ground to air signalling

  • Traps and trapping

  • Navigation (sun, moon and stars)

  • Team tasks: pilot down, escape from the jungle, snake bite, survival skills – relay

  • Axe throwing

Enquire Now

Nantillio Woods, Summercourt, Newquay, TR8 5BG

07970 494 723

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