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Axe Throwing

Fancy a new experience? How about axe throwing in the woods? You can come down with your mates, colleagues and even your family and throw axes in a safe and supervised environment. 

Our axe throwing sessions are based just outside Newquay, Cornwall and are designed for first-time axe throwers. 

Whether you’re a couple, family, group of mates, stag do, hen do or a corporate team, we can cater our axe throwing for you. You’ll be under the watchful eye of one of our skilled ex-army instructors who will help you with finding the perfect axe throwing technique. 

  • Friendly competitive fun

  • Team building

  • Learn a new skill

  • Spend time in the outdoors

Please note: Axe throwing is for anyone age 12+

What to Expect

  • 60-minute sessions

  • Max group size of 8 people (if your group is bigger, contact us to discuss)

  • We’ll teach you how to throw axes like a pro, giving group instructions before throwing out tips and hints for you to hit the bullseye 

  • Once you’ve all got the hang of slinging axes we’ll go straight into a mini tournament 

  • We’ll also pull out the shurikens, catapults, blow darts and throwing knives!

Good to Know

  • Well-behaved dogs allowed

  • Free parking

  • Spectators welcome

  • Arrive 10 minutes early 

Enquire Now

Nantillio Woods, Summercourt, Newquay, TR8 5BG

07970 494 723

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  • What age do you need to be for axe throwing?
    For axe throwing at Footsteps of Discovery you need to be at least 12 years old.
  • Is axe throwing safe?
    Under the supervision of our expert instructors, axe throwing is safe! As in all sports, there is a risk of injury, but at Footsteps of Discovery, safety is our number one priority. Listen to our instructors and you'll have a great time!
  • Is axe throwing difficult?
    The good thing about axe throwing is anyone can give it a go! Axe throwing is not difficult and you'll recieve expert tips from our instructors to have you slinging axes like a pro in no time.
  • Can axes bounce back?
    Axes can bounce back off the target if they don't stick. Luckily at Footsteps of Discovery you're outside in the woods and not a confined space, so if you listen to our instructors there's very little risk of the axe coming close to you!
  • How much does it cost to go axe throwing?
    For a 60-minute axe throwing session at Footsteps of Discovery in Cornwall it's £15 per person.
  • What to wear to axe throwing?
    You should wear comfortable clothing for axe throwing and supportive, closed toe shoes (flips flops should be avoided!). Avoid tight clothing such as fitted or dress shirts as you will want full range of motion in your shoulders.
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