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Mantracking -Specialist Guest Instructor

Embark on a two-day tracking course with Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp, expert from Hull's Tracking School and certified Anti-poaching Ranger, covering man tracking, gait analysis, and night tracking.

Embark on a tracking adventure with Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp, an expert from Hull's Tracking School and certified Anti-poaching Ranger for Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide Inc Inc. This two day course covers man tracking, gait analysis, night tracking, and more. Kyt Lyn, with extensive expertise, guides you through sensory development and teamwork strategies. Certificates and valuable handouts are included. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional.

When, Who and Price

  • March 30th-31st and July 27th-28th 2024

  • £90 per student for a two day, one night course

  • Includes overnight camping and food

  • Max group size 12 (minimum four).

About the Guest Instructor


Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp

Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp brings a wealth of expertise as the official representative and instructor for Hull's Tracking School. Additionally, she holds the esteemed title of a certified Anti-poaching Ranger for Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide Inc. With a track record spanning since 2018, Kyt Lyn has dedicated her skills to training personnel from European Law Enforcement, Army, and Search and Rescue.

Her instructional repertoire extends beyond borders, currently conducting tracking courses (SAR, forensic, tactical) across Europe for military, SAR, forensic personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts. Kyt Lyn is not only a seasoned practitioner but also an accomplished author, having authored 5 manuals on tracking and several illuminating essays.

To delve deeper into her impact, explore testimonials here. Join Kyt Lyn on an enlightening journey into the art and science of tracking.​

Course Itinerary

Two-Day Tracking Course

Explore the world of tracking with our immersive two-day course led by renowned instructor Kyt Lyn Walken Allsopp. From fundamental concepts to practical exercises, this course covers a range of topics to enhance your tracking skills.


  • Day One: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Day Two: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Day One Course Highlights:

  • Meeting & Presentation of the Instructor:

    • Get introduced to the course and goals.

  • History of Man Tracking:

    • Delve into the evolution and applications of tracking.

  • Modern Applications:

    • Learn about contemporary uses of tracking skills.

  • Difference between "Track Traps" and "Hostile Terrains":

    • Understand different tracking environments.

  • Analysis on Human Feet:

    • Explore the anatomy of human feet.

  • Difference between Footwear:

    • Focus on common U.K. Sneakers and Hiking Boots.

  • Explanation of Tracking Kit and Tracking Stick:

    • Discover essential tracking tools.

  • Analysis on Gait and Pitch Angle:

    • Understand human movement.

  • How to Measure Tracks:

    • Learn practical methods for track measurement.

  • Information from Single and Pair of Tracks:

    • Understand deductions from tracks.

  • Gaining Intelligence from Tracks:

    • Explore tactical insights in Track Traps area.

  • Tracking Fundamentals:

    • Grasp basic principles of tracking.

  • Exercises: Senses Involved in Mantracking:

    • Develop your smelling, hearing, and sight.

  • Observing Tracks:

    • Learn techniques and strategies.

  • Taking Advantage of Sunlight:

    • Understand how sunlight aids tracking.

  • Night Tracking:

    • Learn how to observe tracks in the dark.

    • Discover how to use a flashlight in poor light conditions.​

Day Two Course Highlights:

  • The Mindset of a Tracker:

    • Understand the psychological aspects.

  • Elements of Visual Perceptions:

    • Enhance your observational skills.

  • Approaching Tracks:

    • Learn strategies for different terrains.

  • Working in a Team:

    • Understand effective teamwork.

  • Debriefing:

    • Review the two-day course.

  • Delivery of Certificates:

    • Receive recognition for completing the course.

What to Bring

  • Sleeping bag 

  • Wash kit including a towel

  • Old clothes and swimwear

  • Waterproofs

  • Robust footwear

Good to Know

  • All staff are ex-military DBS and First Aid Trained

  • The site is located 5 minutes off the A30 just outside Truro

  • Free parking

  • Pick up and drop off available for St Austell train station 

Enquire Now

Nantillio Woods, Summercourt, Newquay, TR8 5BG

07970 494 723

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