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Leon profile pictureLeon Andrews has a wealth of outdoor experience. During his 13 years Regular Army service he has served in many theatres including: Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Kuwait, Kenya, Poland, The Falkland Islands and South Georgia. He is very keen on tracking and has completed a number of different courses, for his latest course he travelled to Namibia.

Leon has been involved in Survival & Bushcraft since leaving the Army in 1999, His main occupation has been teaching individuals and groups (both educational and corporate). His speciality is leather craft, whereupon his order book is worldwide. Leon at Green-Craft Within the team he is a strong player, and with his experience and knowledge has become the focal point for Survival & Bushcraft questions on the Footsteps of Discovery facebook forum. Leon teaches by engaging his students completely and is not content until the subject matters has been fully understood.

“Any team is only as strong as its weakest link; however strength should not just be measured on the physical alone.”