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Kit List

Equipment & Clothing List

The following is a suggested list of items required for the course. Items marked with an * can be supplied by Footsteps if required.


  • Footwear to enable you to walk 2 miles cross country, and live in the woods for 2 days.
  • Warm socks and spare socks.
  • Old trousers or jeans: to provide protection from nettles and brambles.
  • Warm underwear.
  • Warm clothing: to offer protection from the elements.
  • Water proofs (if available).
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • (suggested) Gardening Gloves.

Survival Tin…

  • Contains essential items to enable you to survive in the wild. An information sheet is available on request.

Sleeping Bag

Cutting Tool

  • A machete is provided for use on the course.

Personal Equipment

  • Rucksack or bag large enough to hold all of your gear.
  • Penknife or small sheath knife
  • 20ft of string
  • Cup or mug
  • Spoon
  • Water bottle or container
  • Torch and spare batteries (Head torch prefferred)
  • Tooth brush & paste
  • Toiletry items as required
  • Whistle, this is the emergency signal in the woods and should be carried at all times.
  • Bowl or plate
  • Any medication
  • Cigarettes (if needed)
  • A few plasters

Footsteps of Discovery do operate a small shop, however thier stock is limitied. If unsure whether we are likely to stock an item or be able to provide it for your course please email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We will be happy to give you our views on any kit that you are using.