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Profile Picture John AberdeenJohn is the senior member of the Footsteps team, and with him comes a great deal of experience, joining the Army at 15 as a Private Soldier and leaving in the rank of Major, has seen him serve all over the world.

This background along with his love of the great outdoors serves
him well, his role as the Cadet Executive Officer for the County of Cornwall, has given him an insight into how and what makes youngsters tick and how to get the best out of them. His main role, for which his reputation precedes him, is as the team Physical Training Instructor.
Specializing in the Boot Camp side of life, his Woodland Gymnasium, Log Run – Endurance Race and Battle PT are his area of expertise. John now in his 70th year, does practice his own fitness methods, and is living proof that his training works. He has also been involved in the physical training of show business personalities including the first female winner of the “Biggest Loser”


“No Pain, No Gain”