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John “Bob”

bob5John “Bob” Dillon brings to the team a wealth of experience, gained from his 23 years Infantry service in the Regular Army, serving around the world in Brunei, Canada, Norway, Kenya, USA, Germany, Kuwait, and Cyprus where he was responsible for running the Adventure Training Centre,
And qualified as a Ski Instructor.
On leaving the army John (Bob) moved into the world of Private Military Companies working in the Middle East and North, South, East and West Africa. This work involved a lot of training in particular with the indigenous nationals from the different countries to which he was contracted. His expertise is definately in security and having spent real time in conflict resolution he has had life experiences which have required quick thinking on his feet.
John (Bob) is a great communicator and enjoys the instructional side of Footsteps, irrespective as to whether he is teaching Soldiers, Cadets, Schoolchildren or Infants at a Birthday party he has a great knack for putting the subject across, making it informative, enjoyable and fun.
John (Bob) brings a great deal to the Footsteps team, his enthusiasm for the Survival & Bushcraft subject never wavers, and he is looking forward to further challenges that may come his way. Bob’s philosophy on life is that we never stop learning, so every day’s a school day.

“There are many roads that are well travelled; it’s a brave individual that takes the road less travelled.”