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“Big” Ben Whitehouse

BenBen was born in Cornwall, and is a real board man who has a keen interest in surfing and snowboarding; in addition he is also active in SCUBA diving and quad racing.

He is a fit member of the Footsteps team who regularly participates in Muliti terrain long distance running events, including the London Marathon. He has travelled the world and picked up many indigenous Survival & Bushcraft skills from Southeast Asia, Australian outback, and various countries in Eastern Europe.

Ben has served the last 16 years, as a member of the Territorial Army, and has been involved in training soldiers in the Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, and the USA he has also completed an operational tour of Afghanistan. He has instructed:  Schools, Colleges, and Army Cadets units from different backgrounds and ages in Survival & Bushcraft techniques.

Quote from Ben: “My experience has taught me to travel light, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Be prepared as knowledge weighs nothing.”