Footsteps Of Discovery Adventure Week 3rd to the 7th August 2020

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Footsteps of Discovery is providing a couple of Adventure Camps this summer.
Location Footsteps of Discovery, Nantillio Woods, Mitchell / Summercourt, TR85 BG
Located just off the A30.

Looking for something to do this Half Term for the kids. Why not enrol them in Footsteps of Discovery Adventure Camp, open to 12 to 16-year old’s. Get them away from social media, computer games and out in the fresh air.

Drop them off 10.00am, you don’t even have to give a backwards glance, pick them back up on Friday at 14:00, what more can you ask for?

We have all seen it on TV, on the different survival programs. Well why not let the kids do it themselves, on their own or with a group of friends?
Learning by hands-on and interacting with others, they can learn new skills or refresh old skills like;
Basic fire lighting: – How to improvise with modern day items that can light a fire in a survival situation.

Advanced fire lighting: – Yes rubbing sticks together, you have seen it on TV, think it’s easy, think again?

Shelter building: – Using naturals materials to build a basic shelter and adapting man-made materials.

Water: – Sourcing water and purification methods.

Navigation: – Ground navigation the use of the natural surroundings (No GPS)

Primitive weapon’s: – (Axe throwing, Catapults, Blowpipes.)

Plus, lots more interactive skills to keep everybody occupied throughout the Camp. (They will come back home shattered 🙂 )
They will be involved in camp preparation, sleeping out in improvised shelters.
Assisting in the preparation of food and the administration of the Footsteps of Discovery Camp.

Footsteps of Discovery staff endeavour to instil a feeling of camaraderie, being wanted and allowing individuals to grow and flourish in an outdoor living environment.

We like to think that everyone that comes to the woods at Footsteps of Discovery makes memories that will last a lifetime…And skills that could prevent a situation from getting worse, or even save a life.

Don’t leave this to the last minute, we have a limited amount of spaces, which are already filling up quickly. Cost is £425.00 including VAT.
This includes all food, the teaching equipment, there are no hidden costs once a booking has been made.

A full kit list will be provided once a booking has been made.
If you are interested why not talk to friends or come as an individual, small and large group not a problem all catered for.
However, the number will be capped at 30, places are limited, so don’t wait till the last minute.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.
Message on Facebook or give us a call 07970 494723
Mark Sainsbury or John Dillon

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5th to the 9th of August, 19th to the 23rd of August