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All too often we read in the papers, and hear stories on the news of people getting lost and into trouble, because they have depended on a GPS even a mobile phone to navigate around the hills and countryside. As a rule of thumb we at Footsteps of Discovery believe you should have a good base knowledge of conventional navigation using a map and compass and then bring your GPS/Sat Nav in at different points for your check navigation. Remember batteries go flat; signal reception can be poor in particular under a woodland canopy. You need the confidence in using the basics of a map and compass. Who knows what the future will bring concerning our system of satellites for communications!


This course really does go back to basics, after a period of theory to lay a good foundation; students with their instructor will then walk out of the Nantillio Wood onto the country roads and tracks into the open rural countryside. During the walk students will be required to monitor the route they have taken and discuss in detail their pin point locations with their instructor. They will be expected to take and use check bearings with their Lightweight compass and measure and check the distance to the next map control. Students will then make their way back to the Nantillio Wood via a different route; Walking is at a leisurely pace (Not a Route March). On completion students should feel confident in using a conventional map and lightweight compass in the basic format.


This course is exactly the same as the One Day course in its content, however because its allows for more time we will be able to cover Survival Navigation (Sun Moon & Stars) on the Saturday night, and on the Sunday after some day one revision, and more theory on the bearings side of the lightweight compass, we move out onto the moors to put it into practice. Walking again is at a leisurely pace, with plenty of breaks for individual navigation and pin point checks this is an ideal opportunity to put into practice some of the more complex techniques of navigation and handy hints from your instructor. Accommodation on the Saturday night is in the form of Tarpaulin and Parachute shelter sleeping on an army transit mattress or you could bring your own tents, food is basic cooked on an open fire. On completion students should feel very confident in their navigation using a conventional map and lightweight compass.

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4th of May, 21st & 22nd of September