From March to September

Hi folks, just for those who keep an eye on things here, there are a few bits for people to keep an eye on in the form of courses for the new Year, please click on the link to email for more details.


The difference between Survival and Bushcraft is that in Survival you want out and a quick rescue is the best rescue, and in Bushcraft you want to go in and learn the skills from the indigenous population of different country’s so that in a survival situation, should your rescue not be quick, you are better equipped mentally and practically to deal with it. At Footsteps of Discovery our courses are designed to give you the knowledge to formulate a survival plan and the confidence to put your plan into action to achieve a successful rescue. For more information on courses click on the e-mail links below or please call either, Mark or John. Telephone numbers, Mark on 07970 494 723 or John (Bob) on 07510 318 858.

  1. The Footsteps Of Discovery Half Term Adventure Camp 17th – 19th February 2020 @ £90 per person.
  2. Basic Survival Course 20th to the 22nd of March 2020 @ £150.00 per person
  3. Basic Survival Course 17th to the 19th of April 2020 @ £150.00 per person
  4. Conventional Navigation Course (no GPS) 3rd of May 2020 @ £45.00 per person
  5. Basic Survival Course 15th to the 17th of May 2020 @ £150.00 per person
  6. Intermediate Survival Course 19th to the 21st of June 2020 @ £200.00 per person
  7. Intermediate Survival Course 24th to the 26th of July 2020 @£200.00 per person
  8. Footsteps Of Discovery adventure week 3rd to the 7th August 2020 @ £425 per person.
  9. Families Survival and Bushcraft Course 14th to the 16th of August 2020 @£90 per adult and £45 per child.
  10. Advanced Survival Course 5 Day and 4 Nights between the 24th and the 28th of August 2020 @ £400 per person
  1. Conventional Navigation Course (no GPS) 19th to the 20th of September 2020@ £75.00 per person

All course are conducted by Ex-Military personnel. To book, please either call Mark on 07970 494 723 or John (Bob) on 07510 318 858 or simply book online at the shop.

ABF Charity

Footsteps of discovery are proud to be able to support the ABF (Army Benevolent Fund) The Soldiers Charity by holding School visits to be booked through the office or call Mark on 07970 494723.