Footsteps of Discovery is a survival and Bushcraft Company that has been running for over 12 years. The majority of instructors are ex- HM forces with members of the special forces involved in teaching and training. The staff have over a 100 years of combined military experience and have served in the majority of modern conflict zones both as members of the the military and with civilian companies. Footsteps are based in Nantilio Woods, a site located 8 miles from Truro and a 5 minute drive from the Mitchell.


Events themselves

Footsteps offer a unique opportunity for corporate companies to take part in team building activities in an environment that puts all participants on a level playing field.  The following areas will be incorporated into your team building experience:

  • Build team rapport
  • Strengthen existing team
  • Build High Performance Team
  • Aligning Project Teams (Project team Interventions)
  • Developing Interdependency in team
  • To foster stronger relationship and cohesiveness in teams.
  • To ignite the spirit of achievement to achieve performance excellence.
  • To learn and internalise corporate values.
  • To improve team communication effectiveness.

Five tiers of event are offered.



  1. This is an all inclusive package. Flights into Newquay or Exeter. Trains into St Austell. Clients collected from either station or airport (Minibus/coach). Taken to the Headland Hotel or equivalent ( 4 Star hotel).
  2. First night in the Headland which would include pre-event briefings and a series of team bonding and icebreaker exercises.
  3. Move to Nantilio Woods. Start a 2 night 3 day programme. Programme to be written in conjunction with clients, to achieve all set aims and objectives.
  4. Second night would include a hāngi (cooking with hot stones underground).
  5. Afternoon three; recover to Headland. The evening would be a Silver service dinner with guest speakers.
  6. Morning four drop off at station or airport.


  1. Flights or train as above.
  2. Straight into the woods.
  3. 3 nights in the wood with the fourth in the Headland with dinner and speakers.



  1. 4 nights in the woods
  2. The last night will be a sit down dinner in the woods and to finish the guest speaker will likely be Maj Tony “Spanner” Manley MBE (Retd).



  1. Three nights in the wood.
  2. Last night BBQ.



All pricing to be determined dependant on

  • Location.
  • Aims.