Cornwall RV 2015, Trenowth Wood

A Big Thank You

Many thanks to all who attended the RV (both exhibitors and clients) for making it succesfull again this year. As per previous years it was nice to meet new people and it was good to see those who have attended on previous occassions.

The RV 2016

Planning for the Cornish RV 2016 is already taking place and we hope to have the dates up here soon.

For more information please contact Spanner 07899928131 or Mark 07970494723.

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RV Interests

Saturday Morning

  • Ground to air signalling (Footsteps)
  • Deer Cooked on Argentinian Spit/Hungi.
  • Knots

Saturday Afternoon

  • Camp Craft (Footsteps of Discovery)
  • rebellion archers martial arts display
  • Water (Footsteps)

Sunday Morning

  • Boot Fair
  • Knots
  • Harris Hawk/Hunting Owl
RV Children Interests

Saturday Morning

  • Games various (Footsteps)

 Saturday Afternoon

  • Fire Lighting

Sunday Morning

  • Egg Hunt
  • Bread Making


  • Archery Displays
  • Axe Throwing all weekend
  • Blow Pipe competition
  • Harris Hawk
  • Ferrets

The Following workshops are available to book:

  • Blacksmithing
    (Sat/Sun AM/PM)
  • Bowyer (Sat AM/PM)
  • Archery (Sat/Sun AM/PM)
  • Leather Craft
    (Sat AM/PM – Sun PM)
  • Spoon / making
    (Sat AM/PM – Sun PM)
  • Fire by Friction Gill Nets
  • Knife Sharpening workshop Sat/Sun (AM/PM)
  • Willow Craft Sat eel traps/Sun baskets
  • Wild food walks Sat/Sun
  • Knapping Arrowheads Sat/Sun (AM)

Workshop costs £10/25 per session.



Central briefings

There will be central briefings for all RV personnel on Friday at 1800hrs, Saturday and Sunday at 0945hrs.